Natalie Silks is a young twelve-year-old girl who loves going to school, spending time with her friends, and having quality time with her parents. But lately, Natalie has been spending less and less time doing the things she once loved but instead is spending more time in her room. That’s because Natalie has a secret! Natalie has invited a vampire to live in her home without anyone knowing. Vampires have been banished from Natalie’s city for hundreds of years, but when Natalie met the distressed Amethyst one day in the park, she knew that she would do anything in her power to protect the young vampire girl. When people started going missing around Natalie’s city and Amethyst is the alleged culprit, Natalie and Amethyst go to great lengths to clear the vampire’s name. “Vampire Girl” is a story of determination, strength, and why people should not judge a book by its cover.

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