A football coach at the pinnacle of his career. An aspiring student with dreams of her own. Will their love for each other teach them the real meaning of success?

Jaimie Maguire is having the best time of his pro coaching career. But after leading his team to their best-ever position in history, he finds life with success hollow without someone to share it with.

Ishaani Sharma is a local college student who aspires to make it as a football coach with a professional team. She keeps sending out resumes but has a pile of rejection letters proving it’s difficult to succeed in a career dominated by men.

When she literally runs into Jaimie, sparks fly. But they both live two different lives and have some big decisions to make.

Can Jaimie juggle his new relationship with his messy life? And will Ishaani choose a relationship with Jaimie over her career and family?

Coaching football is a lot easier than love!

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